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INSIGHT: Hooked on “Vav”!

The Donations Roundup

The Donations Roundup

Everything for the Mishkan was finally ready. Betzalel, Ahaliav, and all their skilled workers had worked very hard, and their handiwork was absolutely stunning.

Incredible!” “Magnifico, Exquisite, Spectacular, Superb, Splendid!

Tall, majestic beams of strong wood, intricately woven and embroidered curtains, shining gold and silver…there was beauty everywhere!

Moshe was the ultimate fundraiser – highly successful and absolutely honest. He wanted to make sure that nobody suspected him of keeping any of the Mishkan funds for himself – not even a Shekel’s worth.

“Moshe Rabbeinu is sooooo very honest!”

“Such an inspiration!”

A Dugmah Chayah – A living example!”

Moshe gathered Bnei Yisrael and said, “I have figured out exactly how much of each material was donated.

And here are the totals:

GOLD – 29 Kikar plus 730 shekels.

SILVER – 100 Kikar plus 1,775 shekels.

COPPER – 70 Kikar plus 2,400 shekels.

This is it. Not one Shekel more or less.”

FYI: One Kikar = 3,000 shekels. So that’s 87,300 shekels of gold; 301,775 shekels of silver; 212,400 shekels of copper. Adding them all up comes out to exactly 4,386 pounds of gold, 15,088 pounds of silver, and 10,620 pounds of copper. In today’s currency this would be worth millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars (approximately, give or take few million)!

Back to Moshe’s disclosure:

Moshe was not satisfied to disclose the totals, but also shared with them the exact uses of the silver and copper, “Let me tell you what the silver will be used for. The 100 Kikar of silver will make 100 Adanim, sockets, which are the foundations of the 96 beams around the Mishkan and for the 4 beams that hold up the curtains. The remaining 1,775 silver shekels will be used for the Vavim La’Amudim – the hooks that hold up the curtains in the courtyard.”

Moshe continued, “The copper will be used to build the Mizbei’ach HaNechoshes, the big copper altar in the courtyard. The turquoise, purple and scarlet wool are to wrap the utensils of the Mishkan during their travels and also for the holy garments of Aharon, the Kohen Gadol.”

At this point, Moshe asked everyone to bring him the beautiful finished products for the Mishkan.

“Wonderful!” he exclaimed when he saw their handiwork. “You have much to be proud of! Everything is exactly as HaShem commanded. Yehi Rotson SheTishreh HaShechina B’Maaseh Yedaichem!” – “May it be the will of HaShem that the Shechinah should rest upon your handiwork!”

Shazak insight

Hooked on “Vav”!

We just read how 1,775 silver Shekels were used for the Vavim La’Amudim – hooks for the pillars in the Mishkan. But did you know that Vavim La’Amudim is a great memory tool that helps a Sofer – a Torah scribe, write a Sefer Torah?

Allow us to explain:

In a Sofer’s world, Vavim is the plural of the Hebrew letter Vav, and Amudim are the pages in the Torah. If you open a Sefer Torah, you’ll see that the first word on every page begins with the letter Vav (besides for the very first word in the entire Torah, which begins with a Beis – בראשית.) So, Vavim La’Amudim tells the Sofer, “Don’t forget! Make sure that each page starts with the letter “Vav!”

See for yourself. Here is a page in the Torah and like all the other pages of the Torah the letter on the top right hand corner is the letter Vav.

So, there are two types of Vavim and there is a fascinating connection between the two:

  1. Vavim – hooks.
  2. Vavim – the actual Hebrew letter Vav, which when added to the beginning of a Hebrew word means “and” (For example: ויאמר “and he said”; וכל – “and all.”)

So, just like “hooks” connect one thing to another, the word “and” also connects words together.

BTW: Look carefully at the shape of the letter Vav and you’ll notice that it even looks like a little hook!


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