INSIGHT: The Midnight Mystery

The Final Warning

The Final Warning

Suddenly, while Moshe was still standing before Paraoh in the palace HaShem appeared to him.

HaShem’s words were clear and detailed, “Warn Paraoh and say to him in My name, ‘At exactly midnight, on the 15th day of Nissan, I will go out in the midst of Egypt and I will smite every Egyptian firstborn, from the firstborn of Paraoh who sits on his throne, down to the lowliest of slaves and their firstborn animals. There will be a great cry throughout the entire land of Egypt, a cry like no one has ever heard before. However, Paraoh, no firstborn Jew nor their firstborn animals will be killed, in order for you to finally realize, that I, HaShem, protect My nation, the Jewish people.”

Standing before the mighty ruler, Moshe continued HaShem’s message, “Mark My words Paraoh. You will come running to me, you’ll even bow down to me, and beg me to leave your land. This plague will be the final one, for soon after, will be the great EXODUS – Out of Egypt!’”

As to be expected, Paraoh was fuming, and ordered Moshe and Aharon to be driven out the palace.

Shazak insight

The Midnight Mystery

HaShem told Moshe to tell Paraoh that the plague will happen at “exactly midnight,” yet when Moshe warned Paraoh, he told him that it will be at “around midnight.” Why the change?

Moshe realized that the Egyptian astrologers had no way of telling the exact time. Don’t forget that in those days there weren’t cell phones or atomic clocks that could be relied on for the exact time… by the second.

That’s why Moshe did not want the astrologers to mistakenly think it was midnight when it was still, for example, 11:59 PM. They would probably accuse Moshe of making the whole thing up, “Haha, Moshe! Who cares that all our firstborn were killed?” they’d laugh. “The main thing is that you were wrong… off by a minute… that’s 60 seconds! WHAT A JOKE! Hilarious! Ha, ha, ha! LOL! Let me catch my breath, I am laughing so hard!”

In order to make sure this did not happen, Moshe told Paraoh, that HaShem would strike

“around midnight.”

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