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INSIGHT: “Exclaim” Is the Name of the Game

The Great Revelation!

The Great Revelation!

Now alone with his brothers, without the interpreter in the room, Yosef had an astounding revelation to make. He switched languages to Loshon HaKodesh (Hebrew) and cried out with great emotion, “I AM YOSEF!” After pausing a few seconds, he asked, “Is my father still alive?”

The brothers were speechless, utterly shocked. With wide eyes, they gazed intensely at Yosef, and it was clear to them.

“Indeed, this man is our brother!”

“He looks just like one of our family and he speaks our language!”

Yes… Standing in front of them is their long lost brother and he is the second most powerful person in the Great Egyptian Empire!

They were overjoyed, yet on the other hand, terrified.

“Who knows what Yosef will do to us now?”

“After all, we are the ones who sold him into slavery!”

As if reading their thoughts, Yosef calmed them in a gentle voice, “I am indeed Yosef, your brother whom you sold into slavery. Please, don’t be afraid. I have no desire to punish you and I am not angry. HaShem works in mysterious ways and He was the One who sent me here to become the ruler of Egypt – just so that I can supply food to our family!”

The brothers breathed a sigh of relief.

Yosef continued, “This terrible famine will last 5 more years. Please tell Father that HaShem has made me a ruler in Egypt and describe to him the power that I have in this country. Everyone must come down to Egypt – Father, your families, even your cattle. I have arranged for all of you to reside in our finest suburb, Goshen. I will take care of all your needs and make sure you survive this terrible hunger. Quickly, go and give Father this message!”

Yosef and his brother Binyamin shared an emotional embrace. Then Yosef approached his other brothers and kissed each and every one of them. Tears of joy flowed and cries of happiness were heard far and wide.

Shazak insight

“Exclaim” Is the Name of the Game

Why did Yosef ask his brothers, “Is my father still alive?” Wasn’t his father the topic of discussion in the previous conversations with the brothers? Of course he knew that he was alive!

The Torah does not have punctuation. Some Rabbis say that it wasn’t a question, but rather an exclamation, “My father is still alive!”

And this is what Yosef was saying: “It’s amazing that Father is still living after he was grieving so much for me for the past 22 years! So quickly, bring him down to Egypt so his awful mourning will finally end!”

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