The Guests from Cana’an

The Guests from Cana’an

When the brothers arrived in Egypt, they headed straight to Yosef’s grand palace.

Yosef saw his beloved brother Binyamin with them, who was now 30 years old. He knew he was no imposter for he had all of Yaakov and Rachel’s features, just like Yosef himself.

Yosef ordered his royal cooks, “Prepare a grand feast for these esteemed visitors of mine, for they will join me at my royal dinner!”

The brothers were amazed and confused. “Why is the ruler suddenly being so kind to us?” they wondered.

The brothers decided that now was an opportune time to clear up any potential confusion. They approached Yosef’s chief servant and said, “We are returning the money that was put in our sacks by someone. We have no clue who put it there, so please, take the money back. We have plenty of money with us to buy more food.”

The chief servant smiled as he assured them, “Peace be with you. I know all about it and it is yours to keep. You and your family truly deserve it. Now, freshen yourselves up, for it’s soon time for the grand feast!”

Moments later, Shimon was released and joined his brothers safe and sound. For the first time all 11 brothers were together in Egypt!

The brothers entered the royal banquet hall, and saw a huge table set with the finest dishes and tableware. It was fabulous! They held tightly to the gifts Yaakov gave them to present to Tzafnas-Panayach.

Finally, Yosef made his grand entrance, and all 11 brothers bowed down to the great ruler and presented him the gifts.

“At last!” thought Yosef to himself. “Most of the second dream has now come true. All 11 stars have bowed down to me!” But, of course, he didn’t share these thoughts with the guests from Cana’an.

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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