INSIGHT: First Drink of Wine in 22 years… L’CHAIM!

The Magic Goblet

The Magic Goblet

Back at the banquet hall, Yosef held up his tall, silver wine goblet and announced, “This is my royal magic goblet! Watch and be amazed!”

He tapped on the cup and called out the name of each brother in the correct birth order, grouped according to each one’s mother.

“Reuven, Shimon, Levi, Yehudah, Yissachar, and Zevulun… you’ll sit here. Dan and Naftali, here are your places. Gad and Asher, please have a seat.”

The brothers were amazed!

“And Binyamin,” Yosef continued, “we have much in common. You have no mother, and neither do I. You’ll sit next to me.”

They all ate the scrumptious meal, with Binyamin eating the most of all, due to receiving a special extra portion. Together they enjoyed fine wine and left the royal palace for a good night’s sleep, in a very good mood.

Shazak insight

First Drink of Wine in 22 years… L’CHAIM!

None of the brothers, including Yosef, drank any wine from the time he was sold into slavery. This is because wine makes people happy and they all vowed not to rejoice until they were reunited.

Standing in the palace Yosef was the only brother who realized that they were indeed reunited. That is why he drank the wine. And the brothers? They had no choice but to drink the wine, since Yosef the powerful viceroy, told them to drink.

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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