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INSIGHT: Brave Prophecy & Great CelebrationTambourines… In the Desert? Seeing at the Sea!

The Righteous Women Rejoice

The Righteous Women Rejoice

Meanwhile, Miriam, the prophetess, led the women in singing their part of the song, “Women of valor, it’s time to show our gratitude to HaShem!” exclaimed Miriam. “Take out your tambourines you carried with you from Egypt – let us sing and dance and celebrate!”

The righteous women of faith couldn’t have been happier!

“Miriam is indeed an incredibly righteous woman,” one woman said. “She was the one who prophesied the birth of our leader Moshe over 80 years ago!”

“I remember how people laughed at her during our terrible suffering, yet she always remained firm in her belief that one day our nation would be redeemed!” another said.

“And today is the day! Let us dance and sing like never before!”

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Shazak insight

The Brave Prophecy and the Great Celebration

וַתִּקַּח מִרְיָם הַנְּבִיאָה… אֶת הַתֹּף בְּיָדָהּ…

“And Miriam the prophetess, the sister of Aharon, took the tambourine in her hand and all the women followed her with tambourines and dancing.”

There was great happiness, but none seemed happier than Miriam. What caused Miriam’s amazing burst of emotion and gratitude?

When Miriam was just a young child, she prophesied to her father, Amram, that he would have a child who would lead Bnei Yisrael out of Egypt. This seemed impossible. As things only got worse, people would mock her.

“Hey, Miriam what’s going on with your prophecy?!”

“Miriam, Paraoh is killing all the newborn baby boys! There is no chance for a Jewish leader.”

“I thought you said things would get better. Now, we’re not even supplied with the straw necessary to make bricks!”

“We’re still slaves! Tell your brother, Moshe, to go back to his father-in-law in Midyan.”

This went on for years… until the miraculous splitting of the sea proved her prophecy was correct! No wonder she was so thrilled!

Shazak insight

Tambourines… In the Desert?

Of course! The faithful Jewish women knew that HaShem would perform miracles for them. So, they took tambourines with them upon leaving Egypt – ready to celebrate!

Shazak insight

Seeing at the Sea!

There was once a great Navi (prophet) named Yechezkel. He merited to see all kinds of special things… even HaShem Himself. In fact, he begins his book (called Yechezkel) by saying, “The Heavens opened up and I saw visions of HaShem.”

Yet, the Jews saw even greater things as they passed through the Yam Suf. Our Sages say, “Even a maidservant saw at the sea, things that Yechezkel was not able to see!”

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