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The Ten Commandments – It’s More than “Copy and Paste”

The Ten Commandments – It’s More than “Copy and Paste”

Remember? Sefer Devarim is Mishneh Torah. It’s those specific points in the Torah, Moshe Rabbeinu decided that needed to be repeated. Any master teacher knows that you don’t review by repeating the exact same words of the original lesson.

Now, Moshe Rabbeinu is going to review the all-important Ten Commandments back in Parshas Yisro. It’s just about the same, but line them up side by side, you’ll notice several differences – the most apparent one, being the fourth commandment. Back in Yisro, it’s Zachor Es Yom HaShabbos – “Remember the day of Shabbos,” but in our Parsha, we are told to “guard” or “keep” Shabbos, Shamor Es Yom HaShabbos.

As the ancient saying goes, “much ink has been spilled” to explain these differences. Open just about any Chumash commentary and you’ll see how they’ll talk about it, and explain it, and talk about it, and explain it… each one in their own style.

Here at Shazak we’ll explain at least one difference, also relating to Commandment #4 – Shabbos:

Moshe adds that not only must people rest on Shabbos, but their animals should as well, and for a good reason. The Jews of the desert were about to become farmers and it was important for them to know that even their animals needed to take a break.


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