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INSIGHT: Where Did They Get This Idea From?!

Warning, Warning! Tsara’as on Clothes

Warning, Warning! Tsara’as on Clothes

Now, the Torah talks about another type of Tsara’as:

Before Tsara’as appears on a person’s skin, HaShem would give him a gentle warning – Tsara’as will actually show up on his clothes! If a white article of clothing developed green or red spots, he had to take the garment to the Kohen to have it checked.

The Kohen would lock up the clothing for one week, and then check it again. If the spots had gotten bigger during the week, the clothing was declared Tsara’as and had to be burned.

If a person whose clothing got Tsara’as still didn’t get the message and refused to change his ways, he might look in the mirror one day and see… spots! Not on his shirt, but on his skin. Usually, by this time, it wouldn’t take him long to wonder, “Could this be Tsara’as?”

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Where Did They Get This Idea From?!

In the olden days, leprosy was a feared and dreaded disease. The people of ancient China, Egypt, and India thought it was incurable and very contagious. Therefore, if someone had leprosy, that person was quarantined – put in a special place for lepers (someone with leprosy) with absolutely no contact to the outside world!

However, the fact of the matter is that although leprosy is a disease, it is hardly contagious.

So where did these ancient people get this idea from?

From the mistaken translation of the word in the Torah – Tsara’as. By equating leprosy to Tsara’as, they applied the laws of Tsara’as to their treatment of leprosy. A leper had to be secluded from society just like a Metsora. Or so they thought… Oops!

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