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INSIGHT: Israel is RealYaakov or Yisrael… or perhaps both?Angel Name Changes – A Short Insight

What’s Your Name?

What’s Your Name?

Although Yaakov was injured, Eisav’s angel still could not overcome his opponent. The angel pleaded, “PLEASE, let me go! The sun has risen. It’s time for me to go back up to Heaven and sing songs of praise to HaShem.”

“Not so fast,” replied Yaakov. “First, I want you to acknowledge that the birthright rightfully belongs to me and not to Eisav. Also, I demand from you a special blessing. Only then will I release you.”

“Yes, it’s true, the birthright rightfully belongs to you,” said the angel. “And as far as the blessing… what is your name?”


“From now on you will also be called Yisrael. That means you fought with an angel of HaShem, as well as with men, and you won!” (That’s a lot of meaning in one Hebrew word!)

Now Yaakov was confident that he would be successful in his soon-to-be confrontation with Eisav.

“And by the way,” asked Yaakov, “what is your name?”

“My name?” the angel responded. “Why do you need to know that? It’s enough that I am giving you my blessing!”

With that, the angel flew back to Heaven, and Yaakov hurried back to his family, across the river.

Hi… It’s me. Benny.


Did you know that…


YES 3! 
This hardly ever happens.

Shazak insight

Israel is Real

Did you ever use a secret code, a word that actually means much more than most people would suspect? Well Yisrael is one such word.

You might think that it’s just one name of one of our forefathers. Well, think again. Yisrael – יִשְׂרָאֵל – actually contains the names of all 3 forefathers and four foremothers.

Here is how:

י – Yitzchak and Yaakov

ש – Sarah

ר – Rivkah and Rachel

א – Avraham

ל – Leah

No wonder, our people are often referred to as the Bnei Yisrael!

Shazak insight

Yaakov or Yisrael… or perhaps both?

Remember Yaakov’s grandfather, whose name was changed from Avram to Avraham? After that name-change it was actually forbidden for anyone to call him Avram again.

This was not the case with Yaakov. Most of the time he is still called Yaakov, but sometimes he is also known as Yisrael.

Shazak insight

Angel Name Changes – A Short Shazak Insight

Rashi tells us that the angel never ended up disclosing his name since angels name change based on their mission. So the same angel could have a wide variety of names!


ANOTHER SHORT SHAZAK INSIGHT. But not the shortest. Especially after we add this “Shazak Comment From the Peanut Gallery.”

Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

I highly recommend Shazak! After all, they use my Rashi all the time! Good job!
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