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Yosef’s Dangerous Mission

Yosef’s Dangerous Mission

One day Yaakov said to Yosef, “My dear son, I need a favor. Your brothers went to watch the sheep in the city of Shechem. Would you please go and check up on them for me?”

Yosef immediately responded, “Here I am. Whatever you want I will do”. This took much courage on Yosef’s part for it was dangerous for him to be alone in the field with his brothers who hated him so much.

Yosef quickly left and headed towards Shechem, but got lost on the way. With the help of the angel Gavriel, he located his brothers in the town of Dosan, which is further than Shechem.

One of the brothers noticed him from a distance and said, “Look! Here comes ‘Yosef the Dreamer’ in his oh-so-special coat! Now is our chance to get rid of him once and for all!”

“Let’s kill him!” they all chimed in.

“Great idea! We’ll dump his body in one of these pits and we’ll tell father that a wild animal tore him to pieces.”

“Now let’s see what will become of his dreams!” they shouted.

But, Reuven, the oldest, knew this wasn’t a good plan. How could they murder their very own flesh and blood? As he pointed to a pit nearby Reuven shouted, “Wait! Let’s not kill him. Let’s throw him into this pit.” Reuven intended to return to the pit later, pull Yosef out, and bring him home safely.

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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