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INSIGHT: Just Say Thanks!

A Public Thanks

A Public Thanks

The Korban Shlomim, a.k.a. Shalmay Todah, is a thanksgiving peace offering. It was a public celebration with family and friends.

Let’s learn more about it:

The Shalmay Todah consists of an ox, a lamb, or a goat that is offered along with 10 loaves that are Chametz and 30 Challos Matzos, similar to the Matzah we eat on Passover. The owner has until the night after the sacrifice is offered to finish eating the meat, plus all 40 loaves!

“Hold it! That sure is a lot of food!”

Certainly he and his family cannot be expected to eat so much food in such a short time.

So what is the solution?

He invites all of his relatives and friends to the special Seudas Hoda’a, meal of thanks, to help him eat everything.

During the meal the friends would usually ask the owner, “Why did you bring the Shalmay Todah?”

Let’s take a look at two of our “survivors” – Mrs. Gittel Gezuntheit and Mr. Shimon Shlepper – and see how they publicly gave thanks to HaShem:

Gittel offered the Shalmay Todah in honor of her miraculous recovery! All her friends and family gathered around with excitement, “Gittel, tell us! What happened?”

Yeah, and fill us in with all the details!”

“I was so awfully sick,” Mrs. Hachoo Gezuntheit began, “and the doctors told me there was no chance for me to get well. I begged HaShem to heal me! The doctors looked at one another and shook their heads.”

“I’m shaking my head!” whispered one of the doctors to the other one.

“And it looks like you’re shaking it from right to left, not up and down.”

“I could tell what they were thinking,” continued the unhappy Mrs. Gezuntheit. “I had lost my mind for thinking there was any chance of recovery. Well, what do you know? HaShem performed a miracle, and here I am, thank G-d, as healthy as someone 20 years younger than me!”

All of the guests were filled with awe at HaShem’s great kindness and mercy, and begin to praise Him.

“Great is HaShem!”

“It is nothing less than a miracle!”

 “Mamesh Gevaldik!”

“And not only that, it’s vunderbar!”

Now let’s turn our attention to Mr. Shimon Shlepper, the desert survivor. After bringing his Sholmay Todah, Shimon stands up on a chair and publicizes his story:

“Last week, I began my journey, but misread the map and ended up in the Sinai Desert. The sun was shining so strong that I felt like a fried potato.”

“I just love fried potatoes, especially French Fries, y’know the real crispy ones.”

“Forget the French fries, I’m talking about HaShem’s miracles! Listen! I had no water or food, and scorpions and snakes hid behind every rock, ready to strike. Miraculously, I survived and made it safely to my destination. If it had not been for HaShem’s great kindness, I would not be standing here with all of you today!”


“Wonder of Wonders!”

“Miracle of Miracles!” proclaimed Shimon’s family and friends.

This is called Pirsumei Nisa – publicizing the miracle. Indeed, through this public thanks, everyone joins in to praise HaShem and learn of His greatness.

Shazak insight

Just Say Thanks!

In addition to thanking HaShem, it’s important to express thanks and appreciation to people, a.k.a. human beings, as well.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the #1 reason people leave their jobs is because they “don’t feel appreciated.” It’s believed that more than two thirds of workers feel that they are not thanked enough.

So, next time someone does something nice for you, make sure to say thank you, and even think of giving a gift… even if it’s small it’s called a “token of appreciation” and could really uplift a person’s spirits.

BTW: Thanks for reading Shazak Parsha!


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