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INSIGHT: Tents Are Not Houses

A Tale of Two Tongues

Tazria and Metsora – The Big Divide

Although Parshas Tazria and Parshas Metsora are divided into two separate Parshiyos, you would think they should be one Parsha. After all, they are both about Tsara’as.

So why break it into two Parshiyos?

Well, Parshas Tazria is all about the Tsara’as disease – how people get it on their skin and even on their clothes. On the other hand, Parshas Metsora is dedicated to the healing process.

So simply put:

Tazria = disease.

Metsora = healing.

Shazak insight

Tents Are Not Houses

Tazria – Diseases

Metsora – Healing

Skin Tsara’as” and “Clothes Tsara’as Diseases.

“Skin Tsara’as” and “Clothes Tsara’as Healing.

When Jews enter Eretz Yisrael, “House Tsara’as” Disease and Healing.

As we shall see later in the Parsha, Metsora also speaks about the Tsara’as disease when it appears on houses. So how can we say that Metsora is entirely a Parsha about healing?

To understand this, let’s look carefully at the placement of the “House Tsara’as.” HaShem placed it all the way at the end of the Parsha, after discussing the healing process of “Skin Tsara’as” and “Clothes Tsara’as.” Why not include the “House Tsara’as” in last week’s Parsha where it speaks about the disease of “Skin Tsara’as” and “Clothes Tsara’as”?

The reason is clear:

“House Tsara’as” never happened while Bnei Yisrael were in the desert! HaShem made it clear when he said, here in Metsora, “Ki Savo’u El Erets Cana’an” – “When you will enter the Land of Cana’an,” and not now, while Bnei Yisrael were in the desert with the Mishkan. You see, in the desert, they lived in tents, not houses. Tents don’t get Tsara’as.

That’s why we can still consider Parshas Metsora as a Parsha dedicated to healing.

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