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And The Verdict…

And The Verdict…

But what if things did not get any better after the 7 days?

Here’s what would happen:

After the second week examination, the Kohen would say something like this: “By the power vested in me as a Kohen, Tamei! – I hereby declare you a Metsora.”

“On no! Not a Metsora!”

“Oh yes, a Metsora! You were Motsi Rah – with your evil gossip you brought out evil to the world and deserve to face the consequences,” the Kohen would answer.

“Oh no! What consequences?” the Metsora would frantically inquire.                     

“Total quarantine. It is forbidden for you to have contact with anybody. If you walk into anyone’s house everything and everyone in the house will become Tamei. Also, remember that you are in the holy land of Israel. Amongst all the cities, the walled cities are the holiest. You don’t deserve to be in a walled city, so it’s time for you to leave.”

“And what if I tell you that I don’t live in a walled city?”

“Then you can stay, but careful – absolutely no contact with anybody. If anyone tries coming close to you, it is your job to warn them to stay away. Yell out the following words – Tamei, Tamei!”

“And another few things…”

“You mean there is more?”

“Absolutely. Last but not least, you must abide by the laws of a mourner, somebody who lost a close family member. No haircuts. You must tear your garments. And you should sit with a scarf covering your mouth. This will serve as a reminder that you have been careless with your speech.”

Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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