Census Sensation

Somebody came over to my house to take a census. That made a lot of sense for us. Get it?

Parshas Bamidbar #7

Census Sensation

On that very same day, Moshe, Aharon and the 12 Nesi’im got right down to business.

“Attention… Attention… An important message from Moshe Rabbeinu!” they called out to the members of their tribe. “Census Time!”

They knew the drill! Soon there was a line of people that stretched as far as the eye could see. One by one, beginning with the tribe of Reuven, each man stepped up in front of Moshe, Aharon, and the Nesi’im, and dropped his coin into a collection box.      

It was incredible! Nowadays most countries take a census once every 10 years. It is not a skilled job and does not pay very well. You won’t find doctors, lawyers, and certainly not Presidents or Prime Ministers  personally counting their nations.

Not so in this desert-census. Each man had his own personal, face-to-face encounter with the spiritual leaders of his generation, namely, Moshe, the greatest Jewish prophet of all time, and Aharon, the holy Kohen Gadol! In the presence of Moshe, Aharon and the Nasi of each tribe, each man announced his name, and then Moshe and Aharon blessed him. Although the actual counting took a very short time, it was the experience of a lifetime!