INSIGHT: L’Chaim, to Life!

Choose Life!

Choose Life!

Parshas Nitzavim ends with another important message from Moshe: “Today I have set before you a choice – life or death. It’s up to you to choose life! Keep the Torah and Mitzvos. You have free choice to make your own decisions – but take my words of advice – choose wisely! Choose LIFE! Choose to love HaShem and follow in the path of the Torah!”

Shazak insight

L’Chaim, to Life!

Did Moshe really say, “Choose life?” Absolutely not! Moshe did not speak English and not even Yiddish (not even “oy vey”). He spoke Hebrew and said, U’Vacharta BaChaim – Chaim means “life.”

Now for a Shazak English/Hebrew word play:

Life is one big “if” – nothing is certain. “If I win the lottery…” “If I was able to pass every test without studying a drop…” “If… (it’s now your turn to make one up).”

Indeed, look carefully at the word “life” – the middle two letters are IF! On the other hand, the two middle letters in the Hebrew word of life – חיים – (Chaim) is two yuds – יי – referring to the name of HaShem. (Look in many Siddurim and that’s how HaShem’s name is written – two consecutive letter “yuds”).

The lesson is clear: Life may seem “iffy” at times, but remember that HaShem is at the center of it all. And with Him in “your life” (or shall we say, “your Chaim”?), you are doing just fine!

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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