Framed Again!

Framed Again!

It was time for the brothers to go back home to Cana’an. As they prepared to leave, Yosef instructed his son, Menashe, to fill the brothers’ sacks with grain. Then he whispered to him, “Hide my ‘magic’ wine goblet in Binyamin’s sack.”

In the morning, the brothers left, riding their donkeys which carried their heavy sacks of food. They didn’t have a chance to get very far when Menashe began to chase them!

“Stop!” Menashe called out. “Is this how you repay kindness? By stealing my master’s precious magic goblet?”

“Oh no not again!” the brothers exclaimed in shock. “Didn’t we bring back the money that we found in our sacks from the last time we were here? You are accusing honest people. To prove it, go ahead and search our bags! If you do find it, let that person die and we will all be your slaves.”

Menashe looked in each one’s bag, starting with the oldest and working his way down to the youngest brother. “AHA! Here in Binyamin’s sack is the royal goblet!”

The brothers’ jaws dropped and their eyes widened in fear. They realized that once again they had been framed, and were all in deep trouble – especially Binyamin.

“You’re all coming back to the palace with me,” ordered Menashe. “Let’s go!”

Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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