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INSIGHT: The “Adjustable” Korban Turtledove: A Turtle or a Dove?

Korban Olah – Version #3

Korban Olah – Version #3

How about Mr. Meir Nebech who, sorry to say, has been out of work for the longest time and can’t even afford a ram or a goat? What can he bring?

Once again, the Torah tells us that such a person is allowed to give a bird instead. He had two kinds of peaceful, Kosher birds to choose from: a pigeon or a turtledove.

HaShem, in His kindness, makes sure that every single Jew, wealthy or poor, is able to perform the great Mitzvah of bringing up a Korban.

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Shazak insight

The “Adjustable” Korban

Besides the name the Torah gives, Korban Olah, meaning that it goes up entirely to HaShem, our Rabbis added another word which actually changes its meaning. They called it, Korban Oleh VaYored, meaning the Korban that goes up and downup and in price, depending who gives it – a wealthy person or a poor person.

Shazak insight

Turtledove: A Turtle or a Dove?

Fact of the matter, a turtledove is a dove and no relation to a turtle. So why the name “turtledove?”

Some say it’s because the sound of its call is like the sound turtles make. Yes, next time you see a turtle listen carefully and you’ll hear a sound.

Now really, does it make sense to call this dove “turtledove” just because of the sound they make? Well, as you are well aware of, not everything in this world makes sense. Think about some names of food – a piece of meat is called a “hot dog.” It’s not meat from a dog! And how about some delicious stuff you smear on your gefilte fish? It’s called “horseradish.” It’s certainly not a horse!

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