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INSIGHT: A Word, A Leper, and a BIG MISTAKE!

Metsora –The Tsara’as-Free Guide

Metsora –The Tsara’as-Free Guide

Last week, in Parshas Tazria, we learned about an unusual miraculous disease. It happened to a person who spread Lashon HaRa, evil gossip. In Hebrew it’s called Tsara’as; in English it’s leprosy – but it isn’t the same kind of leprosy that exists nowadays. In this week’s Parsha, Parshas Metsora, we’ll learn more about how a person becomes purified and rids himself of this awful disease.

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A Word, A Leper, and a BIG MISTAKE!

In the olden days, leprosy was a feared and dreaded disease. The people of ancient China, Egypt, and India thought it was incurable and very contagious. Therefore, if someone had leprosy, that person was quarantined – put in a special place for lepers (someone with leprosy) with absolutely no contact to the outside world!

However, the fact of the matter is that although leprosy is a disease, it is hardly contagious.

So where did these ancient people get this idea from?

From the mistaken translation of the word in the Torah – Tsara’as. By equating leprosy to Tsara’as, they applied the laws of Tsara’as to their treatment of leprosy. A leper had to be secluded from society just like a Metsora. Or so they thought… Oops!

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