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INSIGHT: Order in the Court!

Rambam #1 – Tsara’as: Signs and Wonders!

Rambam #1 – Tsara’as: Signs and Wonders!

Here are the words of the Rambam translated from Hebrew to English:

Tsara’as is not a natural occurrence. Instead it is an Os VaPelah – a sign and a wonder – to warn the Jewish people about speaking Lashon Hara.
When a person speaks Lashon Hara, the walls of his house change color. If he repents, the house will be purified. If, however, he continues in his wickedness the house is destroyed… If he repents, it will be purified.
If he persists in his wickedness, the clothes he wears change color. If he repents, they will be purified.
If he persists in his wickedness, his skin changes and he develops Tsara’as. He must be put in isolation and it must be made known that he must remain alone so that he will not be involved in the talk of the wicked which is folly and Lashon HaRa.bo
Mishneh Torah, Hilchos Tumas Tsara’as, Chapter 16, Halacha 10

Shazak insight

Order in the Court!

Remember back in Sefer Shemos (Chapter 4, Pasuk 23), HaShem instructed Moshe at the burning bush to warn Paraoh to let the Jews free? The instructions were specific. He was to tell Paraoh about the last of the 10 plagues: “If you don’t let the Jews free HaShem will kill all the first-born Egyptians!

Why wasn’t Moshe told to warn Pharaoh about the other 9 plagues?!

Well, when you want to threaten, you go straight to the most severe plague, and that was no doubt the death of the first-born.

Similarly, the Torah here starts with the most severe punishment – first Tsara’as on a person’s skin; then the closest thing to a person – Tsara’as on the clothes; and finally something further away – Tsara’as on the house.

But HaShem is truly compassionate, and when the Tsara’as punishment came to the person, it was the exact opposite, just as the Rambam here described – house Tsara’as, clothes Tsara’as, and when a person still didn’t do Teshuvah then came… Tsara’as on the skin… OUCH!

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