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INSIGHT: More Lashon HaRa? Oh, No!

Rambam #2 – An Important Lesson from Important People

Rambam #2 – An Important Lesson from Important People

The Rambam continues with a history lesson about the famous brother and sister duo – Moshe and Miriam:

The Torah warns about this, stating (Devarim Perek 24, Pesukim 8-9): “Take care with regard to a Tsara’as blemish… Remember what HaShem… did to Miriam.”
Now, this is what the Torah is saying: Think about what happened to the prophetess Miriam. She spoke out against her brother, Moshe. (We’ll learn more about that when we get up to Parshas Beha’aloscha.)
She was older than he was, she had raised him, and she had even endangered herself to save him from the waters of the Nile River when Moshe was a baby.
Miriam didn’t even really speak Lashon HaRa about Moshe! She did not speak critically of him. She merely made a mistake by comparing him to other prophets. 
Moshe agreed with Miriam and did not object to anything she said, as the Torah relates, “And the man Moshe was exceedingly humble.” Still, she was punished with Tsara’as!
Mishneh Torah, Hilchos Tumas Tsara’as, Chapter 16, Halacha 10

Shazak insight

More Lashon HaRa? Oh, No!

This Miriam/Moshe Lashon HaRa episode paved the way for the following Parsha, Parshas Shlach, that speaks about the Lashon HaRa of the 10 spies, which resulted in the Jews being stuck in the desert for 40 years! (We’ll also find out all about this later in Shazak Parsha.)

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