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Slavery Gets Worse – “This is the Last Straw!”

Slavery Gets Worse – “This is the Last Straw!”

As soon as they left the palace, the angry Paraoh thought of new ways to weaken the Bnei Yisrael… both in body and spirit.

Before long a frightening royal decree was issued, “Hear ye, Hear ye! Upon order of the mighty, magnificent, marvelous King of Egypt, no longer will any slave be supplied with straw. Failure to comply will result with a severe punishment.”

The Jewish police, who were given the task to implement this new decree, bravely ran to complain bitterly to Paraoh, “Mighty, gracious king. If your faithful hard-working slaves are not given straw as in the past, how can they meet their quota?! Without straw it is impossible to make bricks. We beg of you, oh merciful ruler, PLEASE supply us with straw.”

In response to this reasonable request, Paraoh displayed his usual ‘compassion’, “NOT A CHANCE! You lazy bunch of slaves are too busy asking to serve your G-d. Obviously, you have too much time on your hands. It is up to you to find your own straw, even if it will take you more time. Now, OUT OF HERE and BACK TO WORK!”

The frustrated police came running to Moshe and Aharon:

“This you call redemption?!”

“It’s never been this bad!”

“With Paraoh’s new decree, we are no longer supplied with straw needed to make bricks. Now, we have no choice but to search all over Egypt for straw and we don’t even have time to sleep!”

“Go back to Midyan, Moshe!”

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