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The Grand Barbeque

The Grand Barbeque

It was now getting closer and closer to the Great Exodus, and HaShem gave Bnei Yisrael some last minute instructions, “Make sure to roast the entire lamb over an open fire until it is well-done. Every family should eat from their lamb on that night – the night of Pesach – along with Matzah and Maror (bitter herbs). Eat it in a hurry, before daybreak, with your walking sticks in your hands, ready to leave Egypt at a moment’s notice.”

HaShem continued to explain the Mitzvah of Pesach for all generations till this very day:

“Keep the holiday of Pesach every year throughout the ages for 7 days. The first and last days shall be Yom Tov – Holy Days during which no work may be done. On that first night, share with your children the story of Yetzias Mitzrayim – the exodus out of Egypt. For all 7 days, it is absolutely forbidden to have any bread or leavened food, Chametz, in the house. Instead it is a Mitzvah to eat Matzah”. (Mitzvah – Matzah… they have similar spelling and even sound the same.)

Bnei Yisrael had their instructions. 

On the night of the 14th day of Nissan, each and every household released the lamb that was tied to their beds. They opened the doors of their homes that were just recently smeared with blood, and walked outside together with their lamb, ready to fulfill the Mitzvah of Korban Pesach.

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Shazak insight

Poor Little Bread a.k.a Matzah

Have you ever read the ingredients on your favorite processed foods? They could have 20 or more ingredients – many almost impossible to pronounce, such as fluoroacetic acid, thiamine mononitrate or tetrasodium pyrophosphate. 

Well, that is quite different than the Passover Matzah, which contains a mere 2 ingredients – flour and water. That’s because the point of the Matzah is to remember the terrible slavery of our forefathers in Egypt and that’s what they ate – nothing fancy, just a simple dish.  

BTW: Due to its lack of flavorful ingredients, Matzah is also called Lechem Oni (Poor Bread). Egg Matzah, however, with additional ingredients, is called Matzah Ashirah (Rich Matzah).

Shazak insight

A Little BIG Difference

Take the words Chometz and Matzah the way they are written in Hebrew. 

חָמֵץ מַצָה

Both share the letters Mem and Tsadi, but with one difference:  The letter ה and the letter ח. 

If you just take the bottom leg of the letter ה, and stretch it up a little bit to the top, it becomes the letter ח! 

Bottom Line? The difference between Chametz and Matzah can be just a bit. One tiny bit of Chametz in a big Matzah makes the entire Matzah into Chametz.

Shazak insight

Why a BBQ?! Why Whole?

HaShem wanted to publicize this great Mitzvah to as many people as possible. If you ever went to a barbecue you know that the smell of roasted meat outdoors travels a long, long distance, much further than meat in a covered pot. 

HaShem also wanted it to be roasted whole, so all can see that without a doubt it was a lamb, the Egyptian’s god!

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