INSIGHT: We’re Prophets and We Didn’t Even Know It!

The Reunion

The Reunion

When the brothers appeared in the palace, they respectfully bowed down to Yosef.

“Aha!” thought Yosef to himself. “My dreams that I had years ago have finally come true. The ”bundles of wheat” and the “stars” are bowing down to me! But the picture is not complete – one brother is still missing. I need to get my brother here!”

The brothers had no idea before whom they were standing. When they last saw Yosef, he was too young to have a beard, and now he was a grown man. They had no idea that this Egyptian ruler – dressed in royal garments, sitting on a throne, in a palace – was indeed their very own brother!

Yosef then pointed an accusing finger at the brothers. “You are spies!” he declared harshly.

“Spies?” The brothers were shocked! “Absolutely not! We are just one family coming here to buy food!”

“NO, YOU ARE SPIES!” replied Yosef. “Tell me, if you are not spies, why did each of you come in through a different gate, and not together as any normal family would?”

“We promise, mighty ruler, that we are all indeed one family, children of our father Yaakov. We’re just innocent hungry people who have come to buy food, like everybody else. In fact, we are really 12 brothers in total. The youngest stayed home with our father. We also had another brother… but he is… gone.”

“Do you expect me to believe any of that?” shouted Yosef. “You’ll have to bring me proof! One of you will have to go home and fetch your younger brother. All the rest of you… to jail!”

The brothers immediately went to prison. But, on the third day, Yosef called the brothers and said, “I am a G-d fearing person and have decided to have pity on you. Only one of you will remain in prison. The rest of you can go back home. But like I said, bring back the youngest one… OR ELSE!”

Shazak insight

We’re Prophets and We Didn’t Even Know It!

When the brothers said, “We’re all one family”, they had a touch of prophecy. Indeed, all of them were brothers – including the mighty ruler himself, Tzafnas-Panayach, a.k.a. Yosef.

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