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INSIGHT: Why the Staff?!

Water from a Rock?!

Water from a Rock?!

Bnei Yisrael continued to travel until they reached a place called Refidim. The people were getting very thirsty again, but once again there was no water to be found.

Some ungrateful Jews shouted angrily at Moshe, “Where’s HaShem now? Huh Moshe?”

“We’re dying of thirst and so are our cattle! We all need WATER and we need it NOW!”

“Why did you take us out of Egypt? To die here in the desert?!”

Moshe cried out to Heaven, “HaShem, your nation needs water. Please help now, before these people stone me!”

HaShem answered quickly, “Moshe, do not speak badly about My people. Nobody will stone you. Now, follow My orders. Take your sapphire staff – the one used to strike the Nile River and bring plagues to Egypt – and go together with the elders of Israel to Mount Chorev. There you will find a huge rock. Hit the rock with your staff and water will come streaming out.”

Moshe did exactly as HaShem told him. Water burst forth out of the rock like a massive fountain, providing plenty of water for over two million Jews!

This amazing rock was named “the Well of Miriam.” It was only because of Miriam’s righteousness that they deserved this fabulous miracle. For the next 40 years, while Bnei Yisrael traveled in the desert, this “Miracle Rock” followed them and supplied them with plenty of water in the scorching, hot desert.

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Why the Staff?!

Why was it important that Moshe take the staff he used to hit the Nile River?

It was to show that Moshe’s staff was not only reserved for bad things, like bringing on the plagues. Here, the staff was instrumental in bringing about fresh water for all the Jews in the desert.

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