12 Tribes – 12 Spies

INSIGHT: Levi Left Behind

12 Tribes – 12 Spies

As per HaShem’s command Moshe chose Anashim – good and holy people – one from each of the 12 tribes:

“From the tribe of Reuven – Shamua the son of Zakur.

From the tribe of Shimon – Shafat the son of Chori.

From the tribe of Yehudah – Kaleiv the son of Yefuneh.

From the tribe of Yisachar – Yigal the son of Yosef.

From the tribe of Ephraim – Yehoshua the son of Nun.

And Moshe continued with the names of the other seven tribes. Only one tribe was not represented – the tribe of Levi.

Shazak insight

Levi Left Behind

Why wasn’t anyone sent from the Tribe of Levi?

Some Rabbis say that since Levi would not be getting a piece of the land, there was no reason that they should send a representative.

Others say that the people from the tribe of Levi simply had more faith in HaShem than the other tribes and did not feel the need to send a scout.

Which answer do you like best? (Personally, I like them both.)