Kaleiv’s Detour

INSIGHT: Never Alone in Chevron

Kaleiv’s Detour

As they continued walking, one righteous messenger left the group. It was Kaleiv the son of Yefunah of the tribe of Yehudah. Off he went to Chevron, where our great ancestors were buried – Adam and Chavah, Avraham and Sarah; Yitzchak and Rivkah, and Yaakov and Leah. You probably remember it as the Ma’aros HaMachpeilah.

Kaleiv walked into the cave with tears rolling down his cheeks. While standing next to his holy ancestors he prayed to HaShem with all his might, “Please HaShem, grant me strength that I shall not be swayed by the evil plans of these so-called spies!”

And with that, Kaleiv hurried to join up with the group, who were in their “spying mode” – scoping things out.

Shazak insight

Never Alone in Chevron

Chevron. Most people read it and think of an oil company or gas station. But we Jews know that it’s Chevron with a “Ch” sound, like Challah or Chanukah. It’s Hebron for those who don’t speak Hebrew.

Today, Chevron is considered one of the 4 holy cities in Israel, along with Jerusalem, Tiverah, and Tzfas.

Even though it has a small Jewish community, Chevron is never forgotten. In fact, every year on Shabbos Parshas Chayei Sarah, when we read how Avraham purchased land in Chevron, thousands of Jews come from all over the world to learn, Daven, sing, eat and celebrate together.