Praying for the Perfect Match

Eliezer arrived at Charan and saw a well at the edge of the city. He thought to himself. “This would be the best place to meet the girls of Charan. The sun is about to set, and the young girls will be coming to draw water to bring home.”
But, Eliezer wondered, “How would I know which girl is the right one for Yitzchak?”
Praying to HaShem he cried out, “Please HaShem! Help me be successful so I can carry out my master’s wishes.”
Of course, Eliezer was not like his master Avraham, who was able to hear HaShem’s instructions, so instead he devised a test. “I’ll ask a girl for a sip of water from her pitcher and if she is “Mrs. Right,” the one for Yitzchak, she will offer me and also my camels plenty of water to drink.”
Even before he finished his prayer to HaShem, Eliezer noticed the girls of Charan coming toward the well, carrying pitchers on their shoulders. There were many girls there, but there was something special about one beautiful girl named Rivkah. She didn’t have to lean down to lower her pitcher in the well like the other girls; instead, the water miraculously rose up to her!

Well…Well…Well! Quick Results!

Eliezer thought that Rivkah was perhaps the one for Yitzchak, and off he ran towards her, “Excuse me, young lady. Can I have a sip of water from your pitcher?”
“Of course,” she replied as she quickly took the pitcher from her shoulder and gave him a drink.
When he finished drinking she added, “Now I will get water for your camels, too.” And she did just that, which was no easy feat! Camels drink A LOT! Rivkah ran back and forth to the well to fetch water for all 10 thirsty camels!
There was no question about it! Rivkah was the most kindhearted girl in Charan or in fact anywhere! Yes, she was a Tzaddekes (righteous woman) just like Yitzchak’s mother Sarah, and she would be the one who would marry Yitzchak and become the mother of the Jewish people!
Eliezer was so certain about it that he immediately gave Rivkah lots of expensive and beautiful rings and bracelets. Remember, Avraham loaded Eliezer’s camels with plenty of gifts.

At Rivkah’s Home

Now, Eliezer asked Rivkah, “Who is your father? And do you have a place for me to stay tonight?”
Rivkah replied, “My father is Besuel. Of course, we have room at our house for you to stay overnight. And don’t worry about your 10 camels. We have plenty of food and water for them.”
Yes! Just what Eliezer was hoping to hear! Besuel was Avraham’s nephew, the father of Rivkah!
“Baruch HaShem! Blessed be You, HaShem, for helping me find the right girl from the right family…AND SO FAST!” exclaimed Eliezer. Little did Eliezer know that there would be some major challenges at the house of Besuel. DANGER AHEAD!
Rivkah ran home to tell her family about the stranger, “You’ll never believe what happened to me! I met this man at the well, who was sent by our relative Avraham. Look at all the stunning jewelry he gave me. Now he needs a place to sleep.”
Rivkah had a wicked brother by the name of Lavan. Lavan saw the “fancy shmancy” jewelry Rivkah was wearing, and thought to himself, “Wow! This traveler must have plenty more expensive jewelry with him. After all, if he was willing to give Rivkah such beautiful jewelry just for some water, how much more will he give if we offer him food and lodging? Ha! Ha! Ha!”
“Come in, please,” said Lavan to Eliezer. “Any acquaintance of Avraham is family to us. We are just about to serve a delicious meal in your honor. You must be so very hungry.”
But Eliezer did not eat. He had a mission to accomplish, so he began by telling Besuel and his family the whole long story, with all the details, from the beginning to the end.
“I am the servant of Avraham, given a mission, not to take a wife from Cana’an. I arrived here with lightning speed… asked HaShem for a sign… met Rivkah at the well… gave me water and gave water to all my thirsty camels! She’s from Avraham’s family… I gave her jewelry. Yes! It is all the hand of HaShem. An angel was with me every step of the way!”
After his long speech, Eliezer announced, “NO QUESTION ABOUT IT! Rivkah is the one to marry my master’s son, Yitzchak. Agreed?”
Lavan and Besuel answered, “Yes, it is quite obvious that this is all the work of HaShem. Who are we to interfere? Here is Rivkah, take her for a wife for your master’s son.”
Eliezer was grateful that he fulfilled his mission and he bowed to HaShem with thanks. He took out more expensive gifts and gave them to Rivkah and her family.


Although Besuel was acting nice on the outside, he wasn’t so nice on the inside. He had an evil plan. He put poison in Eliezer’s food, in order to kill him so he could take all of his money and gold. (Now, is that any way to treat a guest?)
Unfortunately for Besuel, but fortunately for our hero, Eliezer, Besuel’s plan completely backfired. While Eliezer was telling his story, an angel swooped down and switched Eliezer’s plate with Besuel’s. Besuel ended up poisoning himself instead! Oops.


Eliezer informed his hosts that he and Rivkah would leave immediately. Lavan and Rivkah’s mother, who was now in charge, disagreed.
“What, so fast?! Rivkah must stay for one year. Minimum 10 months,” they declared.
Eliezer responded, “Didn’t I hear you proclaim that HaShem is the One in charge? This is what He wants and we must not delay, not even a moment.”
Finally they decided to ask Rivkah herself. She answered short and to the point, “I will go now.”
Actually, she couldn’t wait to leave her house which was full of idols, and marry the great Tzaddik, Yitzchak. Off they went, towards the land of Cana’an, with one more passenger, Rivkah. Once again, the long, long trip miraculously took just a few hours.

They Meet At Last…and it’s only the Beginning!

As Eliezer and Rivkah arrived, Yitzchak was just returning from the field where he prayed Minchah (afternoon prayers). Rivkah saw him and he seemed like such a Tzaddik, she practically fell off her camel!
She asked Eliezer, “Who is that man over there coming towards us?”
“That,” Eliezer replied, “is Yitzchak.”
Rivkah modestly put her veil over her face, and thought to herself, “Wow! We will soon be married!”

Three Miracles…Once Again!

Mazal Tov! Congratulations!
Yitzchak was so happy to have a wife who would follow in his mother’s footsteps and continue her tradition of Hachnasos Orchim, welcoming guests to their home.
Rivkah was happy too, and HaShem blessed her, just as he blessed Sarah. Once again, a special cloud rested over their tent, there was plenty of dough and fresh Challah, and Rivkah’s candles stayed lit from Shabbos to Shabbos.

A Good Life

Avraham led a full and rewarding life. He had so much Nachas (pleasure) watching the amazing young couple, Yitzchak and Rivkah. Even his son Yishmael did Teshuvah before Avraham passed away at the age of 175 years old. Yishmael returned to doing good and believing in HaShem.
Avraham, the first Jewish person is the first of our 3 forefathers (not four fathers). During his lifetime, HaShem tested him 10 times (the last being the “Binding of Yitzchak”) and he passed each one with excellence. Although, it would be 400 years before the Torah would be given, Avraham studied the Torah and performed the Mitzvos!
Avraham was buried in Me’aras HaMachpeilah, next to his wife Sarah.

Tune in Next Time

Now it would be Yitzchak and Rivkah’s turn to lead Bnei Yisrael, following the example of Avraham and Sarah.

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