They Meet At Last…and it’s only the Beginning!

As Eliezer and Rivkah arrived, Yitzchak was just returning from the field where he prayed Minchah (afternoon prayers). Rivkah saw him and he seemed like such a Tzaddik, she practically fell off her camel!
She asked Eliezer, “Who is that man over there coming towards us?”
“That,” Eliezer replied, “is Yitzchak.”
Rivkah modestly put her veil over her face, and thought to herself, “Wow! We will soon be married!”

Three Miracles…Once Again!

Mazal Tov! Congratulations!
Yitzchak was so happy to have a wife who would follow in his mother’s footsteps and continue her tradition of Hachnasos Orchim, welcoming guests to their home.
Rivkah was happy too, and HaShem blessed her, just as he blessed Sarah. Once again, a special cloud rested over their tent, there was plenty of dough and fresh Challah, and Rivkah’s candles stayed lit from Shabbos to Shabbos.

A Good Life

Avraham led a full and rewarding life. He had so much Nachas (pleasure) watching the amazing young couple, Yitzchak and Rivkah. Even his son Yishmael did Teshuvah before Avraham passed away at the age of 175 years old. Yishmael returned to doing good and believing in HaShem.
Avraham, the first Jewish person is the first of our 3 forefathers (not four fathers). During his lifetime, HaShem tested him 10 times (the last being the “Binding of Yitzchak”) and he passed each one with excellence. Although, it would be 400 years before the Torah would be given, Avraham studied the Torah and performed the Mitzvos!
Avraham was buried in Me’aras HaMachpeilah, next to his wife Sarah.

Tune in Next Time

Now it would be Yitzchak and Rivkah’s turn to lead Bnei Yisrael, following the example of Avraham and Sarah.