Tons of pictures, audio, text, insights and super interactive puzzles! Bonus: Learn the digital Chumash with Sefaria and Mercava.

Enjoy this week's Shazak Video, a unique Parsha experience for everyone from toddler to Torah scholar!

Complete Parsha Audio! Your solution for bedtime, commute time, and other "listening" times, like doing Shazak digital puzzles!!

Parsha On a Page is a one-page printable PICTURE SUMMARY of the entire Parsha. Perfect for classroom teaching, coloring, and Shabbos table "retelling"!

After mastering Shazak Parsha - section by section - test yourself with Shazak Quizzer... Get ready for some Shazak hilarity!

A super fun view of the Parsha - from the Shazak Team. One page printable Parsha newspaper. Brings the Parsha to life. 

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