Prayer Throughout the Ages – Part 1 – The Oral Prayers

14 / 23 Puzzle SHAZAK Prayer Throughout the Ages – Part 1 – The Oral Prayers Moshe continued his long, long, historical, inspirational, meaningful, motivating, and timely speech, “Remember the kindness and forgiveness that HaShem has shown you, and always serve HaShem B’chol Levavchem (with all your hearts).” Hold it! In what way should you […]

Prayer Throughout the Ages – Part 2 – The Siddur

15 / 23 INSIGHT: Pray Do Tell… What’s it all about? Puzzle SHAZAK Prayer Throughout the Ages – Part 2 – The Siddur One day, over 1,200 years ago, a letter was written to Rav Amram Gaon of Bavel (modern-day Iraq), from far-off Spain. “Please esteemed Rabbi, for the sake of our entire community, we […]

Reward and Punishment

16 / 23 INSIGHT: 7 “Mems” and 7 “Mooms” – Watch Out! Puzzle SHAZAK Reward and Punishment Back to Moshe’s speech. “V’haya Im Sham’oah… If you keep all of the Mitzvos very carefully, HaShem will reward you by sending rain at the right time so that your plants and trees can grow. But watch out! […]

Teach and Be Taught

17 / 23 Puzzle SHAZAK Teach and Be Taught “And you shall teach your children…” Look carefully. “Teach your children” Torah. Nothing about you yourself learning Torah. This is because HaShem wants a person’s Torah learning career to start at the earliest stage of life possible – an age when one cannot learn on their […]

The Tefillin Wrap

18 / 23 INSIGHT: Tefillin on the Go Puzzle SHAZAK The Tefillin Wrap “Keep the Mitzvah of Tefillin!” Moshe continued in VaHayah Im Shomo’ah. “Tefillin are made up of two small boxes attached to black leather straps. Each of the two boxes contains the first two sections of Shema Yisrael and VaHayah Im Shomo’ah together […]

Tefillin… A Shazak Scenario

19 / 23 INSIGHT: OH… Phylacteries!The Famous Rabbi Moshe Sofer Puzzle SHAZAK Tefillin… A Shazak Scenario Writing a pair of Tefillin is no easy task. The Tefillin scrolls have 3,188 letters written on parchment, and it usually takes a professional, honest and G-d fearing scribe, a.k.a. a Sofer, a few days to write a pair […]

Magnificent Mezuzahs

20 / 23 Puzzle SHAZAK Magnificent Mezuzahs Moshe continued speaking to Bnei Yisrael. “And you shall write them on Mezuzahs – the doorposts – of your home and your gates.” Does that mean that you’ll notice Jews writing on doorposts or gates? No way! Although the translation of Mezuzah is doorpost, however the Mitzvah of […]

Mezuzah – A Touching Story

21 / 23 Puzzle SHAZAK Mezuzah – A Touching Story The Talmud tells the story of a famous convert to Judaism, by the name of Onkelos (35-120). His translation of the Torah into Aramaic (the language of the Talmud) is known as “Targum Onkelos,” and it is printed in just about every Chumash. He was […]

The Roving Rabbi

22 / 23 Puzzle SHAZAK The Roving Rabbi So, Moshe Rabbeinu taught his nation about Tefillin and Mezuzah. Get ready to learn about another Rabbi, also named Moshe, who was also quite busy teaching his fellow Jews about Tefillin and Mezuzah. Introducing the very special, wonderful Rabbi Moshe, from a small French town called Coucy […]

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