Complete Audio – Ha’azinu

Shazak Parsha – Ha'azinu By: Shazak – Rabbi Moshe Moscowitz – Complete Audio in One Click! Below are a few “interesting” Shazak intros that play on the Shazak Station of NakiRadio. ENJOY! NakiRadio Shazak Diet Shazak Intro Craziness 09 Shazak Intro Tech Difficulties 01

Aaaaah! The Song of His Life

INSIGHT: Sweet Songs Yet to Come Puzzle SHAZAK “Aaaaah! The Song of His Life Think about it. This song that Moshe sings at the end of his life can also be seen as a reflection of his own personal life. Moshe Rabbeinu, throughout his entire life, survived many hardships: It all began when baby Moshe […]

Shiras Ha’Azinu: It All Came True!

Puzzle SHAZAK Shiras Ha’Azinu: It All Came True! ואילו היתה השירה הזאת מכתב אחד מן החוזים בכוכבים שהגיד מראשית אחרית כן, היה ראוי להאמין בה מפני שנתקיימו כל דבריה עד הנה לא נפל דבר אחד, ואף כי אנחנו נאמין ונצפה בכל לב לדברי האלהים מפי נביאו הנאמן בכל ביתו, אשר לא היה לפניו ואחריו כמוהו. […]

A Gematriya about Gematriya

INSIGHT: Ba’al HaTurim Puzzle SHAZAK A Gematriya about Gematriya After finishing his song, Moshe shares a few thoughts about the Torah. “The Torah is not empty or meaningless! It is your life! Learn Torah and wonderful things will happen!” In Shazak Parsha, we occasionally mention Hebrew-Letter-Number secrets called Gematriya. Fascinating insights into the Torah can […]

Successful Succession

Puzzle SHAZAK Successful Succession This was it! After all these years of incredible leadership of Moshe Rabbeinu, it was time for another leader to take over… Moshe’s prize student, Yehoshua, would be his successor. Of course, not everyone was satisfied with this arrangement. There were those who would be mumbling and grumbling, “Hey, this Yehoshua, […]

Passing on a Mountain

Puzzle SHAZAK Passing on a Mountain HaShem said to Moshe: “Climb up Mount N’vo, here in the land of Moav. From high atop the mountain you will have a clear vision of the entire Land of Israel which I have given to the Jewish people. Yet, you will not enter the Land, for on that […]

A Heartfelt Parsha

INSIGHT: The Secret of the HeartHeart = Love Puzzle SHAZAK A Heartfelt Parsha Mazal Tov! We just concluded the penultimate (that’s a fancy word for second-to-last) Parsha in the Torah, Parshas Ha’azinu. It’s an incredible Parsha with incredible lessons. No matter what, through the most difficult and challenging times, the Shirah is a message of […]

Tune in Next Parsha

Mazal Tov! Last Section of the Parsha!Great Job! Super Duper!Shazak Parsha! Waterfall Puzzle

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