Puzzle Galore! Plus…Tips and Tricks

Here are the tips and tricks of the Shazak Puzzles. View the slide show and then try the puzzles! You’ll love them! 100% GUARANTEED! (Would you believe 61% guaranteed?) Once you finish the tips and tricks  – go down and try some out. Also, on every section of the Parsha you will have a puzzle […]


Blessings! Moshe first blessed his beloved people, “If you make sure to obey HaShem and always keep His Mitzvos, you will be lifted above all other nations! Enormous blessings will be showered upon you. Even if you somehow run away from the blessings, VeHisigoocha – they will catch up to you!” “VeHisigoocha – that’s an […]

Quizzer Challenge

Balak | Challenge | 14 Questions Balak was NOT…. Bilam was NOT a… What does the name, “Bilam” mean? Bilam had no control of anything. He was merely a “puppet” of _______. Why did the nation of Moav make peace with their enemy, the nation of Midyan? What gift did King Balak send Bilam? Why […]

Parsha at a Glance – Template

Learn Chumash from Chumash with MERCAVA! MERCAVA CHUMASH Shazak Parsha Adventure begins here. PARSHA AT A GLANCE – a quick overview of the Parsha.    Click on the Mercava button above to LEARN CHUMASH FROM CHUMASH! BTW: Shazak constantly adds new features to each section, so visit often! All


SHOFTIM | Challenge | 9 Questions A Jewish court of law of 3 judges is called a… Shoftim (Judges) are never allowed to… How is a Jewish king chosen? Who was the first ever official king of Bnei Yisrael?  A Jewish king may have as many _____ he wants? Who must have a Sefer Torah […]

POP – Parsha on a Page Template

Create your very own POP – Parsha on a Page! Print it and put in your own TITLES and PICTURES. If you want to share with Shazak – We’d love to see your finished work. 

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