“May I Have Your Attention?…PLEASE!”

Puzzle SHAZAK “May I Have Your Attention?…PLEASE!” Potifar wasn’t the only one who was impressed with Yosef. Potifar’s wife thought Yosef was very handsome, and she had her own ideas. She tried to get Yosef’s attention by dressing up in her nicest clothes and jewelry. “Oh Yosef!” she said. “Don’t I look pretty? How about […]


Puzzle SHAZAK ESCAPE! One day, Potifar’s wife saw a wonderful opportunity. Everyone was out celebrating a holiday, so she said to her husband, “Potifar, I don’t feel so good. I’m a bit under the weather (cough, cough, cough.) I think it’s best I stay home.” “Good idea, my dear,” answered Potifar. Finally, she got what […]

The Big Lie

Puzzle SHAZAK The Big Lie When everyone returned to the mansion, Potifar’s wife told them her version of the episode, “Yosef was getting a bit… ahem… too friendly with me… I tried to move away, but nothing helped until I let a scream! He ran out and left his coat! Here’s the evidence”, she said […]

In Prison

Puzzle SHAZAK In Prison Uggggggh! Prison was so dirty and disgusting, certainly not a place for a special person like Yosef. Yet, once again, HaShem was so kind to Yosef. HaShem turned everything he did into a great success! The prison guard also began noticing that Yosef was unlike the other prisoners. He was wise […]

The Butler & The Baker

Puzzle SHAZAK The Butler & The Baker One day, Paraoh had become angry with his chief butler. “What is this fly doing in my wine?!” yelled Paraoh. “Guards, throw the Chief Butler in the royal prison!” Soon after, Paraoh was furious with his chief baker. “What is this pebble doing in my bread?!” yelled Paraoh […]

Dreams and More Dreams

Puzzle SHAZAK Dreams and More Dreams One morning, the butler and baker awoke startled and worried. Yosef noticed how upset they both looked and decided to approach them, “It seems that something is bothering you. Is there something I can do to help?” “We both had very strange dreams but we can’t figure them out. […]

Yosef the Interpreter

INSIGHT: Birds Know Best!Pin the Tail on the Paraoh Puzzle SHAZAK Yosef the Interpreter “Please share your dreams with me,” said Yosef. “Certainly HaShem will help me find some way to tell you what they really mean.” “All right. I’ll start,” said the butler. “In my dream I saw a grapevine with 3 branches. I […]

Thanks for Nothing!

INSIGHT: Forget-Me-Not Knot Puzzle SHAZAK Thanks for Nothing! The butler sure was happy to be free, yet he was so wrapped up in his job that he did not remember his promise to Yosef. He totally forgot about it! Some gratitude! Two years passed, and Yosef was still sitting in jail, waiting and wondering. Shazak […]


Mazal Tov! Last Section of the Parsha!Great Job! Super Duper!Shazak Parsha! Bridge Puzzle https://shazak.com/wp-content/uploads/Quarantine-Song-Complete.mp4

Parsha at a Glance

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