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אנצקלופדיה יהודית – דעת 


אנצקלופדיה לתולדות גדולי ישראל

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Join Rabbi Moshe Moscowitz in this fascinating journey – using Otsar HaChachmah, Bar Illan search tools and more. 

Learn about the differences in Halachic outlook between Ashkenaz communities and Sephardic communities.
In this Shiur we will cover the following topics:
• Why were the Teshuvos of the Geonim of Bavel so brief?
• Why were questions sent to the Geonim from Sefard and North Africa but not from Ashkenaz (Germany and Spain)?
• Why was the first Codes of Jewish Law written by Sefardim – Rif; Rambam; Rabbi Yosef Karo?
• The “miracle” of Tur Shulchan Aruch.
• Rosh – Rabbeinu Ashar – the move from Germany to Spain. How this affected Halacha process till this very day.
• Was the incarceration of the Maharam of Rutenberg a blessing in disguise?
• Rabbi Yehuda – author of Zichron Yehudah writes a sharp response to his community in Toleda, Spain NOT to follow blindly his father (the Rosh – Rabbeinu Asher’s ruling)!
• HaRav Moshe Feinstein’s library versus HaRav Ovadiah Yosef’s Library – A Big Guess – A Big Difference! A solid proof from Bar Ilan Search tool.
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