Noach: A Good Man in his Times

But there was one bright light in the middle of all of this darkness – Noach. He was a good man who knew about HaShem and tried his best to live a holy life, along with his wife, Na’ama, and their 3 sons, Shem, Cham and Yefes.
HaShem said to Noach, “The people of this generation are completely wicked, so I have decided to destroy the entire world – all of the people, the animals, and even the flowers and trees. I will send a great flood to wipe out everything – except for you Noach and your family.”
HaShem continued: “Do exactly as I tell you. Build a Teivah (ark) that will float on top of the water. This Teivah will protect you and your family. Also, bring into the Teivah one male and one female of each non-Kosher animal, and 7 of each Kosher animal.
HaShem then gave specific instructions for building the Teivah:
Make the Teivah 300 Amos long, 50 Amos wide, and 30 Amos high.” (Amos is plural of Amah, a measurement of about 2 feet). This was going to be some big boat – as long as 2 professional size football fields!
Make the Teivah out of strong wood called gofer.
Build a slanted roof so the rain will run off.
Build a window to let light in.
Waterproof the Teivah by putting tar all over it, inside and out.
Gather together a year’s worth of food… you’ll need it!