Let’s Build a Tower!

300 years passed after the Great Flood, and once again people filled the earth. In this post–Flood world, everyone spoke the same language, Hebrew, and they all got along pretty well.
One day the people of the city of Bavel had an idea: “Let’s all make some bricks and build ourselves a city! Let’s build a tower that will reach as high as the sky. That way, if HaShem ever sends another flood, we can climb up and fight Him.”
“What a great plan!” they all exclaimed. They worked together peacefully and, brick by brick, began to build the giant Tower of Bavel.
But something wasn’t quite right. HaShem didn’t like what they were doing. Not at all! Sure, people were treating each other kindly and working as a team – but for what purpose? To become more powerful than HaShem? To fight against Him?