The BIG Question

Do you have a brother or sister, or maybe a cousin or neighbor, who is 3 years old? Then you know that 3 year old kids ask a lot of questions. Well, when our forefather Avraham was a little boy of just 3 years old, he also asked plenty of questions. He was so curious and wanted to know: “Who rules over everything in the whole wide world? Who takes care of the universe?”
So Avram, as he was then known, set out to investigate. He sat on a grassy hill and gazed up at the sky. “The sun looks so bright and hot and powerful. Could the sun be the ruler of the world?”
But the sun set when evening came, as the sun always does, and Avram knew that the sun could not be the One he is looking for. “A King would never turn His back on His world!”
Avram sat and watched as the moon took the sun’s place in the sky. Gazing at the shining, white moon, Avram wondered, “Could the moon be the ruler of the world?” But the moon set when dawn came, and the sun rose again to light up the morning.
So Avram had to keep looking to find his answer. He walked and walked through meadows and hills and valleys. He looked at the clouds and trees and flowers and rivers, and he observed animals of all kinds swimming, flying, and running everywhere.
At last Avram realized, “Each of these things is so very beautiful and special. But none of them could be the One and Only Ruler of the Whole, Wide World. There must be some being who created them all!”
Then it struck him! “I know! There must be such a super force that is everywhere, all the time, but can’t be seen to us human beings!”
This is how Avram discovered HaShem, and from then on he shared this insight with everybody he met. “I have great news to tell you – HaShem created the whole wide world. Let me tell you all about it. It’s absolutely amazing!”