“Anyone Have Salt?”

The angels accepted Lot’s offer, and he led them secretly through the back alleys to his home so that no one would notice his “illegal actions”. At home, he pulled down the shades and then served them a meal, which included some Matzah (it was Passover).
As they ate, Lot said to his wife, “This food here is missing salt. Please bring some salt to the table for our dear guests.”
Lot’s wife was fuming that Lot had invited guests, so she came up with a vicious plan.
“Oh, I ran out of salt. I’ll go borrow some salt from the neighbors!” she volunteered, as she dashed out the door. She went from door to door, asking everyone, “Could I please borrow some salt for our HOUSEGUESTS? Can you hear me? I NEED some SALT for our HOUSEGUESTS!”