On the Run!

Just before sunrise, the angels informed Lot, “We were sent here to destroy the city of Sodom and HaShem instructed us to save you and your family. Come with us, NOW! No time to waste!”
Lot had four daughters, 2 of whom were married. Like any good father would do, he quickly ran to them with the news of the impending disaster. “Hurry,” he said to his sons-in-law, “Leave this cursed city of Sodom… NOW, before G-d completely demolishes it!”
“Stop babbling old man,” responded one son-in-law. “You worry too much! Nothing bad will happen to our beautiful city of Sodom.”
“Besides,” answered the other. “Even if we flee, we will never leave behind our fortune – our gold, silver, pearls and precious jewelry. It’ll take us all day just to gather all of them!”
“It’s your last chance,” Lot cried out. “LEAVE NOW! I’m not making this thing up! This is what G-d’s holy angels have told me! It’s serious business!”
“Serious? Angels?! G-d?!”
“Dad, it’s time for some good therapy!” they laughed and went back to sleep.
Lot rushed back home. Any moment the beautiful Sodom would be history. Believe it or not, Lot himself hesitated. “My money! All my valuables! I must not leave them behind!”
But the angels shouted, “Hurry! Hurry up if you want to live! There’s no time to waste!”
They led the penniless Lot, together with his wife and 2 daughters, out of Sodom. “Run! Run! DO NOT LOOK BACK, no matter what! Just be grateful that you are being saved. It’s only in the merit of your relative Avraham you are being rescued,” shouted the angel.
Lot ran towards the mountains. His other 2 daughters ran. Lot’s wife ran, too – but… she was curious and stopped to look behind her. She witnessed the entire city in flames. And suddenly she turned into… a pillar of salt!
And what happened to Lot and his 2 daughters? They fled to safety and ended up in a cave somewhere in a mountain. Safe at last!