Praying for the Perfect Match

Eliezer arrived at Charan and saw a well at the edge of the city. He thought to himself. “This would be the best place to meet the girls of Charan. The sun is about to set, and the young girls will be coming to draw water to bring home.”
But, Eliezer wondered, “How would I know which girl is the right one for Yitzchak?”
Praying to HaShem he cried out, “Please HaShem! Help me be successful so I can carry out my master’s wishes.”
Of course, Eliezer was not like his master Avraham, who was able to hear HaShem’s instructions, so instead he devised a test. “I’ll ask a girl for a sip of water from her pitcher and if she is “Mrs. Right,” the one for Yitzchak, she will offer me and also my camels plenty of water to drink.”
Even before he finished his prayer to HaShem, Eliezer noticed the girls of Charan coming toward the well, carrying pitchers on their shoulders. There were many girls there, but there was something special about one beautiful girl named Rivkah. She didn’t have to lean down to lower her pitcher in the well like the other girls; instead, the water miraculously rose up to her!