Let’s Make a Deal

When the twins were 15 years old, their grandfather, Avraham, passed away. Yaakov was cooking a pot of red-hot lentils as he prepared the traditional meal served to mourners. After a long, unsuccessful day of hunting, the exhausted Eisav walked in to the delicious smell of a hearty stew.
“Hey, Yaakov, give me some of that red stew you’re cooking!” Eisav demanded. “I’m starving! I haven’t eaten the whole day!!”
Yaakov thought about that. “Hmmm… time to make a deal.”
“Sure, Eisav,” replied Yaakov. “You can have as much as you want. But I want one thing in return, your BIRTHRIGHT.”
“You want that useless birthright?” Eisav said. “You can have it! Now give me that stew. Pour that red stuff right down my throat…NOW!”