Too Late, Eisav

A great fear overcame Yitzchak. He trembled. “Someone else had just brought me some meat, and I already gave him my blessing. Yes… Blessed he will be,” said Yitzchak.
Eisav screamed a bitter great cry. He begged, “Please bless me too, Father!”
“I can’t. Your brother already got the blessing,” Yitzchak responded.
“That sneaky Yaakov!” cried Eisav. “First he took my birthright, and now my blessing! It’s not fair! I demand a blessing! Surely you have the power to give more than just one blessing.”
“Eisav, what blessing can I give you?” replied his father. “I made your brother Yaakov master over you, and therefore any blessing I give you, rightfully belongs to him.”
Still Yitzchak took pity on Eisav and blessed him, “By the fat of the land you will live. You will be a great fighter, a master of the sword, yet you will not be more powerful than your brother, unless he stops learning Torah and doing Mitzvos.”
“Some blessing!” thought Eisav. “Boy, I really hate my brother Yaakov! Thanks to him, I ended up with a second-rate blessing! Soon my father will die and then I’ll finish off that trickster. I’ll kill him, once and for all!”