Time to Leave

Rivkah had a special gift, called Ruach HaKodesh. With that Holy Spirit, she knew exactly what Eisav was plotting, so without hesitation she took action. With a sense of urgency she called Yaakov, “My dear son, there’s no time to waste. Eisav is planning to kill you. You must run away. Go to my family in Charan.”
She hoped that a little cooling-off time would calm Eisav down.
Not wanting to reveal to Yitzchak the real reason why she wanted Yaakov to escape, Rivkah told her husband, “I absolutely forbid Yaakov to marry the kind of girls from around here.”
Yitzchak immediately called Yaakov, “I command you not to marry a girl from here in Cana’an. Travel to your mother’s family in Charan and find yourself a wife from the daughters of Lavan. May HaShem shower upon you many blessings. You shall be fruitful and become a great nation!”
Yaakov now had the blessings from both his parents and off he went to Charan!