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INSIGHT: What’s in a Name?

A Jewish Wedding in Midyan – MAZEL TOV!

A Jewish Wedding in Midyan – MAZEL TOV!

Yisro’s daughters rushed home and their father was astonished, “My, you’re home early today! Why is this day different from all other days?”

 “Father,” replied one of the daughters. “As usual the shepherds were harassing us when suddenly a man in Egyptian clothes came to the rescue. He let us go ahead of all the shepherds and this kind man drew the water from the well!”

“You should have seen it! The waters rose up to him! It was a miracle!” another exclaimed.

“And not only that, but then he personally watered our sheep!” a third daughter cried out.

Yisro thought to himself, “This man is probably from the family of Yaakov, who also miraculously had well-water rise up to him! Sounds to me like a future son-in-law.”

At that point Yisro was quite annoyed with his daughters and turned to them, “How could you have left this man? That’s how you repay his kindness?! Quick! Run back and invite him to our home! He must be our guest! I tell you, he is no ordinary man!”

Moshe stayed for more than dinner – he actually joined the family! Yisro invited Moshe in and he ended up marrying his special daughter, Tzipporah. Mazel Tov!

My dear Moshe,” said Yisro with much pride. “You are a blessing to me and my entire family. I welcome you as my very own son!

And so, Moshe, who came to Midyan as a stranger, was now safe and secure with his new family – far from the threat of Paraoh. In time, the couple had two sons, named Gershom and Eliezer.

Shazak insight

What’s in a Name?

Moshe named the older son Gershom, which is a combination of two Hebrew words – Ger Shom – ‘a stranger there’. He always considered himself a stranger in Midyan, a land full of idol worship.

His second son, Eliezer is also a combination of two words – Eli Ezer – meaning HaShem helps. This is how Moshe expressed his gratitude to HaShem for saving him from the sword of the executioner.

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