INSIGHT: Get a Wife… Get a Life!A Support Circle!

A Match Made in Heaven

A Match Made in Heaven

HaShem said, “It is not good for man to be alone. I will create a helper for him.” HaShem made Adam fall deeply asleep, and then took a rib from his side. From this rib, HaShem created Adam’s wife. What a great match!

Adam named his wife Chavah, meaning – “the mother of all life.”

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Shazak insight #1

Get a Wife… Get a Life!

After every day of creation, the Torah writes, “HaShem saw that it was Tov,” good. Yet, after making a wifeless Adam, HaShem says “Lo Tov,” “it is not good for man to be alone.”


In fact, the Hebrew word for life is “Chaim.” Take a closer look, and you’ll see that it is written in the plural (not Chai, but Chaim), meaning “lives.” Indeed, a life alone is not a real life.

Shazak insight #2

A Support Circle!

Hashem referred to Chavah as an “Ayzer Kenegdo” for Adam. Onkelos translates “Ayzer” as “Samach,” which means “support” in Aramaic.

Get ready for something really fascinating…

Samach is also the name of the 15th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. Now carefully examine the shape of the letter Samach. It’s perfectly round, with no top and no bottom. Perhaps HaShem’s message to Adam and Chavah is the secret of a successful and happy marriage – “there is no top and no bottom” in this partnership – it’s ‘a joint effort’ – supporting each other. (Or shall we say ‘Samech’ing each other’?)

And there’s more…. it’s Gematriya time!

Add up Ayzer Kenegdo (עזר כנגדו) and we get 360 (ע=70, ז=7, ר=200, כ=20, נ=50, ג=3, ד=4, ו=6; 70+7+200+20+50+3+4+6=360).

And even more!

360° (360 degrees) represents a circle – since there are exactly 360 degrees in a circle. Get it? Samach… Circle… 360!

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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