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“And He Called to Moshe”

“And He Called to Moshe”

The beautiful Mishkan was standing and the Clouds of Glory surrounded it from all sides. HaShem’s Shechinah, Divine presence, filled the entire inside of the Mishkan. Moshe stood outside, waiting anxiously, but he dared not walk in without being summoned by HaShem.

VaYikra El Moshe” – “And He called to Moshe.” At last, HaShem’s mighty voice thundered and broke through the silence.

“Moshe!” HaShem called out. The sound of HaShem’s voice was powerful, yet miraculously nobody besides Moshe heard a thing!

“Moshe” – come into My Mishkan!”

 Moshe, perhaps the greatest person who ever lived, humbly and respectfully entered the Mishkan.

“Speak to Bnei Yisrael,” HaShem continued. “Now that My beautiful Mishkan is standing, your people need to learn how to use it properly. Adam Ki Yakriv Mikem Korban … – A man who wants to bring a sacrifice…” Teach them all about Korbanos. Tell them to bring only Kosher animals – cattle, sheep and goats. This is how they will serve Me and this is how they will become a holy nation.”

HaShem then began instructing Moshe in all the complicated details, pausing every once in a while, which gave Moshe a chance to: TRIThink… Review… and Incorporate.

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