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INSIGHT: A Whole Cow for Each Traveler?!

Avraham and Sarah’s Restaurant

Avraham and Sarah’s Restaurant

The 3 guests washed up and sat down in the shade. Avraham sent his helpers to bring cool, refreshing water for the guests. Meanwhile, Avraham brought out milk and cheese as appetizers, and sent his son Yishmael to prepare 3 cows for their meal.

Sarah quickly baked bread from the best flour, and Avraham served it to the guests. The 3 mysterious visitors had a scrumptious feast, and Avraham and Sarah were so very happy.

Shazak insight

A Whole Cow for Each Traveler?!

Who can eat an entire cow in one sitting? NOBODY (at least nobody I know). That’s way too much for any person to eat. It’s enough to make hundreds and hundreds of hamburgers!

But Avraham wasn’t planning to serve the entire cow – just the tongue, a great delicacy (especially the way he served it, with spicy mustard). With 3 cows, each of the 3 guests got an entire tongue! Indeed, Avraham was the best host you can imagine.

Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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