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INSIGHT: Ransom!

Avram Rescues Lot

Avram Rescues Lot

Did Avram hold a grudge against Lot who gave him so many problems? Of course not! Avram, the great Tzaddik (righteous person), put together an entire army and even risked his life in order to save Lot!

Here is the story:

In those days there were kings who often fought each other in order to conquer more and more land. In one of these battles, 5 kings, including King Bera of Sodom, fought against four other kings, led by King Kedarla’omer. After many years of fighting the four kings won against the 5 kings. The winners took much property and money from Sodom, as well as many prisoners. One of those prisoners was Lot, Avram’s nephew.

Avram heard of Lot’s troubles and knew he had to help. Remember… after Haran, Lot’s father risked his life to believe in HaShem – he was thrown by Nimrod in the furnace – Avram resolved to take care of his orphaned nephew. Without hesitating, he put together a small army of 318 men and prepared for a big fight.

Kedarla’omer had an army of thousands of men, and as Avram’s little army crept closer to them that night, they were pretty scared.

“Take a look at those mighty warriors! We’ll never beat them! We’re finished, Kaput… It’s a total disaster!”

But Avram was not frightened at all. The few fought against many and they miraculously won. When Avram’s men picked up sand and threw it against Kedarla’omer’s army, the sand turned into swords and daggers! And in turn, when Kedarla’omer’s soldiers threw their ammunition at Avram’s army, their swords and daggers turned into harmless sand!

“It’s incredible! Let’s get outta here!” they cried out, as Kedarla’omer’s army made a quick U-turn.

Shazak insight


Our Rabbis say that the reason the kings took Lot captive was because they knew that his uncle was Avraham. They put him in jail and boasted, “Hey everyone! We captured the great Avraham’s nephew!”

They also figured that the wealthy Avraham was a prime candidate to pay plenty of money to ransom his nephew.

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