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INSIGHT: What’s in a Name?

Baby Naming

Baby Naming

Two years later, Yocheved brought the baby back to Paraoh’s palace.
By then, Basya had learned the Hebrew language and with Divine Inspiration decided to name the young lad. “It is time for you to receive a Jewish name,” she said. “Since you were pulled out from the water, I will call you Moshe, for this is the meaning of this Hebrew name.”
Basya realized that Moshe was a very special boy, and she loved him like her very own son – and so did Paraoh.

Shazak insight

What’s in a Name?

The name Basya can be split into two – Bas-Ya – the daughter of G-d.
Paraoh considered himself to be a God and therefore gave her the Egyptian name, daughter of God”, referring to himself. By converting to Judaism, Basya was able to keep her name, but, now it had a new, holy meaning – the “daughter of HaShem.”

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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