Back to Egypt!

Back to Egypt!

Fast forward to the very last of the 98 curses. Moshe warned his people, “In case, G-d forbid, you don’t follow the Mitzvos, HaShem will bring you back to Egypt…”

“Oh no! Not to Egypt, the place of our bitter slavery!”

“Yes… to Egypt, the place I said you will never see again, the place I commanded you never to return to.”

“Don’t tell us that we will be forced to return there!”

“Indeed so. That’s exactly what I’ll tell you. If you do not follow the ways of the Torah, you will be forced to return there. And expect the worst. You will be captured and dragged onto ships. You’ll be so miserable that you’ll hope to at least stay alive and be sold as a slave… but even that won’t happen. Nobody will want you as a slave.”

“And then what?! Don’t tell us…”

“Yes… I am sorry to say… that will be the end.”


Rutie Moscowitz
MaTa wuvy Shazak evmoodachocky!

Rutie Moscowitz

Translation: Mommy, Tatty I love Shazak even more than chocolate.
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