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Bribing is Conniving

Bribing is Conniving

Giving a bribe means getting someone to do something your way in exchange for a gift you’ll give them. The Mitzvah here is specifically referring to bribing a judge.

Listen to this one:

Mr. Trouble stole a bicycle from Mr. Biker. Mr. Biker wants to get his bike back by taking Mr. Trouble to court in order to get Mr. Trouble…into trouble. Mr. Trouble approaches Mr. Judge the night before the big court case.

“Mr. Judge, your honor!” Mr. Trouble whispers. “It has come to my attention that today is your birthday. Happy birthday! Here’s a ticket for you and your wife on a cruise to the Bahamas – and it’s Glatt Kosher! But nothing to do with this case, of course.”

Is Mr. Judge allowed to take this birthday gift?

Absolutely not! It’s a classic case of bribery, called Shochod. After all, do you really think Mr. Trouble would have given Mr. Judge a birthday gift, if not for the court case?

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